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Blog Posts

11-16-2023 - Expect more soon. Planning to start updating in the near future.

-Brushing back up on how to use this, idea to use "Blog" as a sequential presentation of new Node pages

11-18-2023 - 1st Node in a while. Getting into the habit of updates

11-19-2023 - Revisiting some of the old Neocities pages I used to follow... Disheartened to note the amount of apparent drama that transpired in the more mission-oriented spaces around here. I'm a little too pressed for time to deep-dive this today, but don't expect a manifesto ... this will remain my low-stakes, post-just-because project for the foreseeable future

  • 11-20-2023
  • I'm feeling increasingly confident with my workflow for updating this website... taking a stab at a multi-paragraph whatever. In the near-future, these micro-blog-updates and the under-construction front page will be migrating to archival pages.

    It's approximately 12:45am, work looming in the morning... suffice it to say, I'm doing the whole "overemployment" thing but the low-rent version... part-time office law job on MWF, restaurant grind the remaining four days. Tomorrow is all but certain to consist of desk-sitting - I'm not sure if or when I'm sleeping in the meantime.

    12:55am - Had an idea to "Add a Winamp Player" per the popular Neocities beginner's projects list, small problem... that Cloudflare captcha system is super aggressive right now, got through after 10 or so tries. Fetching some insomnia jams

    1:15am - It works, kind of ugly. Trying to figure out a better placement.

    1:20am - No luck, not worried about perfecting it right now.

    1:25am - Running out of steam... stepping back for a while, may or may not come back to this before hitting the hay